What kind of mix do I need to send you for mastering?
For best quality we need a 24bit / 44Khz or higher WAV or AIFF mix. Make sure the mix is not clipping and there is enough head room available. Renders at between -3 and -12db at 24bit resolution are the most acceptable. Of course you can also send us a 16bit 44Khz mixdown but the end quality of the master most likely won't be the same. Try to obtain the best possible mix in terms of great balance between the instruments and great stereo imaging. This will have an effect on the way the final master will sound.

Should I apply compression, EQ or limiting to the final mix?
Not a good idea. Please do not add any sound processors on the main buss as this leaves less room for the mastering engineer to add the final touch. Adding EQ, compression and effects on individual tracks within the song to create a desirable mixdown is perfectly fine.

How can I send my material to you?
You can send us your material via our DROPBOX at filesanywhere once payment is made. If you need to mail in your tracks, Call Us at 678-949-6418

Do I have to pay first and also fill out an order form?
Yes. Once we receive the payment, you will be able to upload your tracks we will then deliver the master to you via filesanywhere.com in 16bit 44Khz Wav file format.

Is there any guarantee that my music is protected?
We respect our client's work and have taken the necessary measures to protect all the files on our server at all times. Our main audio server are not connected to the internet and our hard drives that contain all client data are locked inside the studio which is under surveillance protection at all times.

How will I receive my masters when completed?
All mastered tracks are sent back to you in the following formats: WAV or AIFF and 320kbs mp3 if requested.

How can I pay you for your services?
We currently accept credit cards payments with PayPal. You Do Not need to have a PayPal account to make your payment, only a valid credit card. If you're new to PayPal please visit www.paypal.com or call them directly for info. If you have related questions you may also contact us and see if we can help you.

Blast Mastering ensures that your finished master is technically perfect.
You are guaranteed to receive a master made to RIAA and Red Book industry standards.

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